Detailed phasing example of new tax system

The below example details how the phasing of the new tax system over a four year period (2017/18 to 2021/22) could affect a landlord’s net profit, when compared to the previous tax system.

All figures used are for illustrative purposes only. From April 2017, the income tax payable in Scotland differs from England and Wales. This example assumes a main residency of England/Wales

Previous system (16/17) New system (20/21)
Mortgage interest and other allowable costs can be deducted before calculating taxable profit  Mortgage interest can’t be deducted before calculating taxable profit
Rental income£10,000  Rental Income£10,000
Mortgage£5,000  Costs£2,000
Costs£2,000  Taxable Income£8,000
Taxable income£3,000  Tax @ 40%£3,200
Tax due (40%)£1,200  Mortgage Interest Relief (20%)£1,000
Buy to Let profit£1,800  Tax Due£2,200
  Buy to Let Profit£800

Broken down year by year, the impact of the phased introduction of the new system for this example is as follows:

Current 40% tax payer Old SystemNew SystemBuy to Let Tax BillNet Profit

Download our tax relief changes calculator to help you understand how your profits could be affected by the new tax system.