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  • Purchasing a new Buy to Let property
  • Remortgaging from another lender to The Mortgage Works (TMW), or
  • Borrowing more money on a mortgage you have with us.

You can book a 30 minute appointment to understand if you’re eligible, or a 1 hour appointment if you’re ready to apply.

Another team can help if you’d like to switch your existing TMW mortgage, take a look at our Switch your mortgage page for more information.

Before you book

First, check that you meet all our eligibility criteria:

üAt least one person applying for the mortgage currently owns a UK property

üYou have been a UK resident for the last 3 years

üYou have a clear credit history (for example, no bankruptcy or repossessions) over the past 4 years, and no county court judgements for the past 6 years

üYou have a deposit of at least 25% if you want to purchase a property

üThe property is in England, Scotland or Wales

üThe property is in a lettable condition, and

üThe value of the property is at least £50,000.

And if you want to remortgage:

üYou have rented the property (or another property) for over 6 months

üYou have at least 25% equity.

For a full explanation of all the criteria that may apply, see our eligibility page.

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